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June 13, 2009 Meeting: Steampunk

Our next meeting is June 13, 2009, 1-4p.m., and we’ll be back at our normal location, the Norman Hobby Lobby (2417 W. Main, Norman, OK). Nance Ross will be sharing her knowledge. Here’s the write-up, straight from Nance:
At our meeting, we will have a guest from Norman Regional Hospital to pick up 20 BOH for distribution in their cancer ward. Eva Dilks will be representing the hospital.
Also, we shall be playing with the latest craze in Polymer……Steampunk! Sooooo start designing your project to do on Saturday, incorporating the nuts and bolts of the mechanical world into your clay designs. I have some on hand…..and they weren’t easy to find, since the watch shops are mainly messing with electrical watches these days, and cog wheels and such are rare. I had fun shopping in many places, and will have some free supplies on hand, and others for sale for what I paid for them. Usual clay and tools will be needed…..and lots of creativity and original ideas!
If you are looking, I suggest you hit sporting goods/bait shops (one of the few mechanical things readily available are parts for fishing reels….check out 10th St. a block from Douglas in Midwest City for a good supply and a friendly shop owner. Another likely place is hobby shops that sell to model airplane makers….and they are helpful!
I will have a limited supply of examples, plus lots of fun things you may want to use in your designs… we will have a good time designing some fun stuff, and donating some of our hard work on Saturday, June 13th.