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July 2017 Meeting: Eagle and Shield

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Our next guild meeting will be Saturday, July 8, 2017 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. in the Contemporary Arts Center at the fairgrounds.

This is Inchie month, with a theme of Summer.

The always entertaining Chris Crossland and her trusty sidekick Karen Humphries will lead us in creating a patriotic eagle & shield pin/pendant, so appropriate for July!


  • Bake & Bond
  • Mica powders: Pearl-ex Pearl White, Aztec Gold, Sunset Gold
  • Glue-on bail for later 


Your favorite tools and:

  • Needle tool
  • Christi Friesen’s WIA tool (or whatever you use to sculpt)
  • Size “0” knitting needle
  • X-acto® or craft knife with sharp blade
  • Kemper Star cutter 3/8″ (if you don’t have it, we will cut the 3 stars for you)
  • Extruder with a 1/8″ round disc
  • PJ’s Smooth Hair texture sheet

Clay Colors

These colors of clay are used to make the colors we will be using in class: White, Pearl, Cad Yellow, 18K Gold, Cad Red, Navy (or Ultramarine Blue and Black to make Navy clay)

Color Recipes for class:

To save time during the meeting, it is suggested that the following colors be mixed and/or conditioned ahead of time:

  • White mix:  1/2 block White + 1/4 block Pearl
  • Beak mix:  1/8 block Cad yellow + 1/8 block 18K Gold
  • Shield trim & backing:  1/2 block 18K Gold
  • Shield stripes:  1/4 block Cad Red
  • Blue Shield Top:  1/4 block Navy (if you don’t have Navy clay, mix 1/4 block Ultramarine Blue + 1/16 block Black)