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January Meeting: Swirlies

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season! The next meeting will be **January 10th, 2009, 1-4 p.m.,** at the new Hobby Lobby in Norman (2417 W. Main, Norman, OK). We are starting the year with a wonderful project from **Lee Ann Kelley**. She will be showing us how to make her “Swirlies.” She and I tried to come up with a word to describe her beautiful technique and I think she has hit upon the perfect word!
The supply list is below. Hope to see you all at the next meeting!
# Clay, any color, can be 2 shades of the same color or 2 different colors. Amount depends on size of item to be covered.
# Clay gun with the disk that has 1/8 inch round hole. Lee Ann will show an easy way to extrude if you have an old metal gun.
# Clay blade or X-acto knife.
# Ink cartridge from a Bic or Bic Stic
# Item to be covered can be anything oven proof. If covering a paper mache egg or ball, it’s important to drill a hole in the top and bottom to vent. Lee Ann will bring some glass Christmas ornaments.
# To save time, it might be a good idea to cover your project with a thin(#3 or #4) layer of clay before the meeting. If that’s done, a pasta machine isn’t necessary.
# A container and batting to take your unbaked project home.
Lee Ann says that this is easy but can be time consuming.
Meeting announcement written by April G.