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January 2008 Meeting Notes

Note: Thanks to our newly-elected secretary Shirley for providing these meeting notes.
Six members and one guest, April Gregory, attended the January meeting. April became our newest member at the end of the meeting, giving us two Aprils among our membership.
Jane Linn led us through the fun process of creating faux pewter picture frames. Everyone had good results, and each person’s frame was unique. She also showed other ideas for faux pewter, including a cleverly constructed wine stopper and an intricately decorated knife handle. Jane also demonstrated how to make faux abalone and showed us multiple beautiful samples she had made as she tested and perfected the technique in preparation for the meeting.
The schedule for the next few meetings is below:
* February 9: Hearts for Heroes, which will be taught by three members.
* March 8: Extruder Canes – April Salcedo
* March 29: 5th Saturday Play Day – Bottles of Hope. Angela will host this meeting.
* April 12: To be announced
During the business portion of the meeting, we discussed the following items:
* Election of officers: The following slate of officers were elected for 2008:
* President – Angela Mabray
* Vice President – April Salcedo
* Secretary – Shirley Conaway
* Treasurer – Angela Mabray
* Librarian – Jane Linn
* Photographer – Cassy Salcedo
* Web Master – April Salcedo
* Library Fines: The question of setting library fines for overdue books was discussed. The group decided that if a book is not returned after two months, the borrower will be fined $1.00 for each succeeding month. After six months, the borrower will be required to purchase the book.
* Silver Clay: Penni Jo suggested that rather than going to the expense and effort involved in preparation for a lesson about silver clay, those interested might do better to find a local silver clay group to visit. She announced also that she has a set of DVDs about silver clay which anyone may borrow. April mentioned that the Firehouse Art Center in Norman periodically teaches classes.
* Group Clay Purchase: Penni Jo mentioned that no more members had submitted orders for clay.
* Library Drawing: Making Polymer Clay Beads by Carol Blackburn was chosen to be purchased this month for the guild library. Angela announced that last month’s choice, a subscription to Polymer Clay Cafe, has been ordered and should be arriving soon.
* Membership Dues: Angela announced membership dues are due next month from the first three members who joined the guild.