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December Meeting: Snowman Light Switch Cover

SnowmanColor.jpgThis month, Penni Jo will be showing us how to make a snowman-themed switchplate cover, just in time to help us deck the halls with polymer clay Christmas cheer!
* When: Saturday, December 8, 2007, 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
* Where: The new Hobby Lobby in Norman, 2417 W. Main, Norman, OK. (The classroom is up front, near the check stands. Go right after entering & it’s the first door on the right.)
* What to Bring:
* Polymer Clay: Metallic Blue Fimo, Metallic White Fimo, Pale Blue, Black. Very tiny amounts of: Orange, Yellow, Brown.
* Switchplate Cover: Penni Jo used an inexpensive one from Wal-Mart
* Medium Sand Paper (optional)
* White Glue: Sobo or The Crafters Pick
* Metal or wood tool with softly rounded point: You can make one of
these by gently sanding the point of a round toothpick.
* Sharp craft knife, such as Exacto
* Razor blade or flexible tissue blade to lift the faux knit
* Brushes, and other favorite tools
* Pasta Machine (optional)
* Clay Extruder (we can share if you don’t have one)
* Baking Surface: 6” ceramic tile or cardstock
Penni Jo recommends having your switch plate ready to cover when you get there.
Update: Here’s the tutorial [PDF]. It includes specifics on how to get your switch plate ready to cover: lightly sand it, then put white glue on it to make the clay adhere better.
Update #2: Penni Jo also sent along her Faux Knit Worksheet [PDF] for any of you go-getters who want to get started before meeting time. And the link to her previous tutorial should be working now, in case anyone else out there was having problems.