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December 2009 Meeting Notes

Our December meeting was a lot of fun, with all eight members in attendance! Most brought Christmas ideas and projects to share, so we all went home with a wealth of new techniques and projects to try. April had made a wreath in the delicate, detailed style she is known for. Lee Ann brought a little Santa on a platform, surrounded by clay “candies.” Jane made a snowman from clear ornaments and provided a detailed handout, complete with color photos! Penni Jo and Jane had decorated Christmas balls with extrusions, transfers, and jewels. Angela did an interesting project incorporating a flocking product into her clay. Nance made a snowman pin. Penni Jo demonstrated a method for coating the inside of clear glass ornaments with packaged snowflakes, and Sue demonstrated her recent success making lentil beads.
Pictured here are
the projects by April,
Lee Ann, Jane, and
Penni Jo and Jane: Polymer Clay 14 sm_trm_trm2.jpg
Polymer Clay 1 sm_trmAdj.jpg
Polymer Clay 4 sm_trmAdj.jpg
Polymer Clay 5 sm_trmAdj.jpg
**Business Meeting:**
**Old Business:**

**Field Trips:** Jane asked whether we would like to have more “field trips” like our November meeting at Elements Beadery, and several members were in favor of more such trips.

**Meeting Location:** We also continued our discussion about changing our meeting place to Southern Oaks Recreation Center, the second Wednesday of each month, from 6-9 p.m. Penni Jo will check to see whether that time slot is open, and if it is, we will try to meet there in February to try it out.
**New Business:**
**Annual Guild Elections** will be held in January. Descriptions of the duties of officers are available online. We were reminded that it has been advantageous for an officer to serve for two years, although this is not mamdatory. After two years, Angela said she feels it is beneficial in most cases for a new person to take the position. We did make exception for treasurer/web master, as it is simpler to have one person continue in those positions. Although there were some conditional volunteers for librarian, the position was left open until storage issues can be addressed. After some discussion, the following slate of officers emerged:

President – Jane L.

Vice-President – April G.

Secretary – Penni Jo C.

Treasurer and Web Master – Angela M.

Librarian – TBA
Nance R. will continue in two volunteer positions, BOH Coordinator and Photographer.
**Officer Reports:**
Program Schedule: Vice-President April G. reviewed our upcoming meeting schedule. Some of the dates depend upon whether we permanently change our meeting place and time:

**January 9** – Mica Shift with Lee Ann

**February 13** – (first evening meeting) – Hollow Vessels with April

**March** (10 or 13, TBA) – continuing Hollow Vessels with April

**April** (10 or 14, TBA) – Penni Jo’s “pointy flowers” and leaf canes from Skinner Blend
**Treasurer’s Report:** Angela reported a balance of $387.37 and 8 members.
**Bottles of Hope:** Nance asked for substitute instructors to teach at Norman Hospital beginning toward the end of January, as she will have a schedule conflict. Nance will be teaching children who are cancer patients at Baptist Hospital on Tuesday mornings.
She asked members to check for other area hospitals with cancer units, so we can begin more projects to give away Bottles of Hope. She also mentioned that we are running short of the medium-sized bottles, and those will be the best size to use with the children.
**Library Report:** Jane talked about our November purchase, *Food Miniatures*, and found inspiring ideas in *The Best of Stringing*, one of our December purchases. She found *Beading 101 and Beyond* a great resource for basic information.
**Library Drawing:** *Clay So Cute*, by Sherri Haab, was the winning book and will be purchased for our library this month.
**Announcements:** Angela Mabray’s taped segment for the television show *That’s Clever* will finally be aired on January 19th.
After the meeting, members who wished to participate did an exchange of Christmas projects.