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December 2007 Meeting Notes

Penni Jo @ okpolyclay 12/08/07We had 7 members and 1 returning guest at our December meeting, and with Penni Jo’s help, we all got to create cute snowman light switch covers. Penni Jo Couch did a wonderful job teaching the lesson — showing us not only how to cover the light switch plate, but also how to create a faux knit effect with polymer clay. Several members raved about how much fun they were having! If you missed the meeting, you can find all the instructions here.
Our upcoming meetings are:
* Jan. 12: Faux Techniques with Jane
* Feb. 9: Hearts for Heroes with Cassy, April & Angela
* March 8: Extruder Canes with April
* March 29: 5th Saturday Play Day
* April 12: Bottles of Hope (tentative)
During the business portion of the meeting, we discussed the following items:
* Bottle of Hope: Angela recently met with a local cancer survivor who shared information about a Bottles of Hope reception in Kansas City and offered some medicine bottles for our group to cover. The group agreed to schedule a Bottles of Hope-themed meeting, tentatively in April. Angela will check whether her contact would be available to share with the group during that meeting.
* Hope on a Rope Challenge: In other Bottles of Hope-related news, Amaco is holding a Hope on a Rope Challenge. Entries should include a mini-bottle, decorated for children, hanging on a necklace with beads made using AMACO Bead Rollers. Entries are due January 5, 2008.
* Group Clay Purchase: Munro Crafts sells clay and various other crafting supplies, and they offer 50% off retail prices on purchase totals over $200.00. Some of our members plan to put together a group purchase, coordinated by Penni Jo. Please get in touch with her ASAP if you would like to participate.
* National Polymer Clay Guild: Angela mentioned that the NPCG has started sending out regular e-newsletters including member news. If any members have polymer-clay related news (articles published, etc.), please let Angela know so she can pass the info along.
* Group Clay: The group voted to purchase a few bars of “group clay” the next time there’s a sale. The idea is to have some on hand in case members or guests need a little extra of a particular type/color of clay for a meeting project.
* Officers: Officer elections will be next month. People have expressed interest in running for all of the offices except Treasurer and Webmaster. Please contact Angela if you’re interested in running for one of these offices, or if you’re interested in running for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Guild Librarian, or Photographer.