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December 2006 Meeting Notes

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild held its December meeting on Saturday, December 9th. We had a brand new meeting place and a bunch more faces — and we had a blast making Christmas ornaments together. Read on for all the details…

The December meeting was held in the classroom at the back of Hobby Lobby. Five people were in attendance — Penni Jo, Sue, Jane, Angela, and Nancy. The group project was making Christmas ornaments using Sweetbrier Studio molds (which Penni Jo arranged for the company to donate) to decorate a glass ornament. After brief instructions from Angela, everybody started claying and designing great ornaments.
Once the ornaments were in the oven, we started the business portion of the meeting. The following are the items we discussed:
* Meeting Place / Time: The group agreed that the Hobby Lobby classroom was a nice place to meet, especially since there was no charge. Hobby Lobby’s current schedule has the room reserved for other groups from 1-3 p.m. and 6-8 p.m., leaving 3:30-5:30 the only available slot on Saturday afternoons. The group agreed that this time would work. We’ll plan to make that our regular meeting place, and Angela will contact Hobby Lobby about putting us on the calendar.
* Dues: The group voted to set the dues at $36 per year (starting in January). We hope to use this money to build up a guild library with books and videos. We also hope to be able to pay for supplies and workshops as needed.
* Library: Speaking of a guild library, we’ve got one! Penni Jo informed us that Sweetbrier Studio has donated 3 of each of their molds for the group’s use. These molds will be made available for members to check out between meetings. What a wonderful start for our library — thanks so much to Sweetbrier Studios!
* Advertising: Angela asked whether anyone would like to design a poster for advertising the meetings. Nancy mentioned she had a friend who might be able to help. Sue suggested a contest to design the group’s logo, with the winner earning a prize of some sort (gift certificate, etc). The group agreed to hold a logo design contest, with a deadline of March 1st.
* Officers: The following officers were elected by the group:
** President: Angela Mabray. Angela will also serve as Treasurer Pro-Temp until we can find another willing volunteer.
** Vice-President: Penni Jo Couch
* Upcoming Meetings:
** December’s 5th Saturday Fun Day: December 30. Penni Jo had suggested that on months with five Saturdays, we should hold a “fun day” on the 5th Saturday. The group thought this sounded good. Further discussion about ideas for a project (if any) will be held by email.
** January Meeting: January 13, 2007. Deena Parsons will be showing us how to do polymer clay Artist Trading Cards. If you haven’t been to one of Deena’s classes at And Bear Makes 3, you’ll have to come see what you’ve been missing. She’s a lot of fun!
** February Meeting: February 10, 2007. We will swap Artist Trading Cards we made based on January’s lesson. Then we’ll learn about making heart-shaped boxes for Valentine’s Day.
Everyone really seemed to enjoy the meeting, and went home with 1 or 2 new ornaments to hang on the tree. Thanks again to Sweetbrier Studio for providing not only the molds for this meeting’s project, but also a great donation for our guild library.