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COPCG January 28, 2012 Meeting

**Introduce/Welcome Guests**
Shirley opened the meeting by welcoming us and our return guest, Alex, Tom’s daughter.
The guild received a Christmas card from the Midwest City Library.
The American Craft magazine included an article about polymer in the Oct/Nov ’11 issue. Shirley will send a link for the article. The magazine is only available by joining American Craft.
**Show and Tell included the following:**
April showed two mixed media necklaces. One had silver turtles with liquid polymer and glitter. The second had a silver shell, pearl and glitter mixed with hobby sand and held together with liquid polymer. Both had beaded chains.
Myra had lavender beads with chrysanthemum canes
Penny displayed a badge holder finished with the embroidery technique she taught to the guild.
Lee Ann made a Myra inspired pendant necklace with grommets and bulls eyes canes.
Lee Ann taught how to make a wood grain cane. We used the slices to cover stick pens. Several people tried using different colors for a variation of grains. The slices can be used to cover a form and have a very realistic “wood” box.
**The Raffle**
This month’s winners were: Jane (won Kay’s), Angela (won Stacey’s), Penni Jo (won Lee Ann’s), and Kay (won Penni Jo’s)
**Next Month’s Swap**
The February swap theme is Valentines.
**Next Meeting**
The next meeting will be Saturday, March 10, at the Hobby Lobby in Moore.

**Business Meeting**
1. **Approval of Minutes**- Penni Jo moved to approve the minutes and Myra seconded it. The group approved the minutes.
2. **Officer Reports**:
Vice-President – Angela – Upcoming Programs
– Feb – Mokume Gane with a Twist taught by Shirley
– March – Tom will teach, utilizing the Angelina film
– April – We’ll organize the goody bags for the retreat
– May – Stamping and texture sheets by Kay
Treasurer – Angela
Angela gave the treasury report. There are 16 guild members. Pat joined today. The treasury account has both membership dues and retreat fees included.
Librarian – Jane
Jane introduced the new book, I’d Rather Be in the Studio by Allyson Stansfield. She also reviewed the latest issue of Polymer Café. It has Part I of a great article on photography of your work and a new feature of recipe for colors. She also showed the new Polymer Arts magazine. You can access this magazine online.
**Old Business**
Election of officers for the next year. The slate is comprised of:
– President – Shirley
– Vice President – Lee Ann
– Secretary – Cheryl
– Treasurer – Angela
– Webmaster – Stacie
Penni Jo moved to accept the slate. Jane seconded the motion. Members voted and the slate was accepted.
The following positions are volunteer and will be staffed as follows:
Nance – Bottles of Hope
Jane – Librarian
LeeAnn – Assistant Librarian
Stacie – Photographer & Webmaster
**2012 Guild Retreat**
Penni Jo reported on the retreat. The April 1st is the deadline for items for the goody bags. April will take care of posting balloons in the parking lot. Angela is keeping track of the door prizes. When the drawing is done, it will be announced who donated the prize.
We currently have 18 registrants; six from out of state. To register you must complete the registration form on the web and make your payment.
Any purchases that need to be made must be cleared through Angela and the receipts submitted for reimbursement. Angela can make large purchases online.
Dietary needs are being taken into account.
Angela suggested that we use the DYI bangles as a contest; take pictures of the finished bracelets and send to the company.
Myra will make the name tags, using the logo. Ruth will do the laminating and pin backs.
A Yahoo group has been set up for the retreat. It will be an easy place to get up-dates, to post files and get maps and directions.
It was agreed that we will do an inchie safari theme swap. You can exchange as many inchies as you have. Please bring one to donate to the group mosaic. Angel will moderate the swap.
Cheryl will send thank you notes to the vendors and donors. A picture will be taken of an item representing the safari theme and made into a postcard for the thank you notes.
Someone is needed to pick up Christy.
**New Location**
The members agreed to postpone looking for a new meeting location until after the retreat in April.
**NEW BUSINESS**- None of record.
**Library Drawing for a New Book**
The guild’s library has numerous books, magazines and molds. They can be checked out for a month by logging them on the sign out sheet. The winner of this month’s drawing to add to the library is a subscription to the “Ornament” magazine.