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COPCG February 11, 2012 Meeting

**Welcome/Show & Tell**
Shirley welcomed us and opened the meeting with show and tell.
Penni Jo brought items of “Lessons Learned”. She brought dream catcher items using the wood grain that LeeAnn taught at the last meeting. pjdreamcatch1.jpg
She was trying out Pardo brown and transferring an image. She tried pearl and translucent clay. The image had a tendency to disappear using the Pardo translucent. She also learned you should preheat your oven and use a tile to bake. She gave us all a copy of the interior of the dream catcher transfer. It’s nice to know that the learning process continues even after years of working with polymer!
Angel brought two pendants that she had experimented with using alcohol inks, thick embossing powder, and liquid polymer.
angelpendents1.jpg Very pretty!
Tom brought a neat little jar with a lid of hearts and roses. Little conversation heart candies peeked out of the heart cut outs on the sides. Tom lined the cut outs with Angelina film.tomhearts1.jpg
Lessons learned seemed to be a theme of show and tell this month, as Tom had tried super glue to attach the film on one side. He discovered that the glue clouds the film. However, the lesson did not detract from the sweet container.
Shirley showed several items and their progression for the lesson that she will be teaching this month, Mokume Gane with a Twist. mokumesample2.jpgThey are very attractive pieces that she sanded with increasing grits and then buffed. She learned that sweat shirt material will do a nice job of buffing a piece.
**Makume Gane with a Twist**
Shirley started her lesson by giving each of us a bag of items to use for texturing and other effects. Fun stuff!! She taught the makume gane technique, including an easy way to slice the clay evenly. janemokume1.jpg
Awesome little tricks. The results were many terrific creations with wonderful colors and textures.
**Valentine Themed Swap**
Our bimonthly swap had a Valentine theme this time. LeeAnn got Jane’s polymer covered ink pen; Jane got Alex’s little bottle filled with hearts; and Alex got LeeAnn’s heart pendant.
**Next Meeting**
The next meeting will be Saturday, March 10, 2012 from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the Hobby Lobby in Moore.
If you’d like to see more photos of our group meetings, check out our [Mokume Gane album]( on Facebook!

The business meeting began with January minutes. Penni Jo moved the minutes be approved and Jane seconded it. The minutes were approved by all.
**Officer Reports:**
Vice President – LeeAnn – Upcoming Programs
March – Using Angelina with Clay Projects, with Tom
April – no formal meeting; we’ll get together and fill goodie bags for the retreat and then play the next week at the retreat.
May – Stamping and Texture Sheets, with Kay
Treasurer – Angela
16 paid members, including 2 new members
Angela gave the treasury report; both retreat funds and membership funds are included in the amount.
Librarian – Jane
Our library drawing will not take place this month. It is time to renew the Polymer Cafe magazine subscription, so that will be our purchase for this month.
Old Business
Penni Jo gave a report from the steering committee about the April Retreat.
The retreat report included the following:
Goodie Bags: Tinker Credit Union has donated really nice bags for our goodies! The Norman Chamber of Commerce has donated bags full of Norman information which we will include in our goody bags.
Facility parking lot: April will put up the balloons to mark the driveway. The entry way is not easily identified; balloons will help this.
Program Status: the program is being set up. It was decided that the day’s schedule will be posted on a white board and not included in the actual program.
Oven monitors directors: oven monitors will wear a chief’s hat or a lion’s hat. We’ll decide later.
Covering Tables w/ Paper: We are trying to get paper from the printer to cover the tables.
Signage: We need a sign for “Policing the Savannah”. It will be shown periodically to remind us to keep the floors & areas clean and neat. We will have signs for the different rooms; i.e. The Little Meadow, The Big Meadow.
Demos: Angela, April, Tom & Penni Jo will do demos at different times during the retreat. The schedule will posted on a white board?
Plan a Skit – sounds like fun!!
Photo Release: Discussion was do we want to have a photo release form or just a sign saying that by signing in you are giving permission for your photo to be taken and posted. We may instead have a signature sheet at registration asking for those who do not want to have their pictures taken to sign.
White Board: We need a white boards at the retreat–one for the daily schedule, one for daily menus.
Post Retreat Web Page: Angela will handle this.
Inchies: There was discussion about inchies and how many you could exchange. You can bring up to 10 and one extra that will be put into a group mosaic. Angel will handle the inchie exchange. Inchies are about 1/4 inch thick and an inch square. Inchies for the retreat should have a safari theme. Remember to sign your name on the back.
Name tags: Ruth has the pins for the name tags. She will glue the pins to the backs to finish out the name tags.
There was no other old business.
**New Business**
We discussed privacy issues and posting information on our website. Only first names will be used on the guild’s website and everyone seemed okay with their picture appearing on the site. We also agreed that we would not list our treasury funds on the website. Information about the month’s lesson will be posted on the front page of the site. The minutes will continue to be emailed to the membership and will be listed under the archive (or the minutes) section of the website.