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August 2022 Meeting: Lace and Painting with Polymer Clay

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For our meeting this month, Connie is going to show us two simple but fun techniques: Polymer Clay Lace and Painterly Earrings: Painting with Polymer Clay. The meeting will be held on August 20, 2022 at 1:30 pm. We will meet at Crown Heights Church of the Nazarene, 920 NW 46th Street, OKC. See map below.

1. Polymer Clay Lace

Supply List

Mat mold like you use for icing.

Liquid clay

Old credit card, old room key to spread to clay

Here’s a piece of Polymer Clay Lace and an example of a possible use

2. Painterly Earrings: Painting with Polymer Clay (Ginger Davis Allman)

Supply List

Three colors of clay such as red, blue, yellow

Translucent liquid clay

Two to three ceramic tiles. One for mixing clay and one to bake on

White clay: conditioned and rolled on a number 3

Palette knife or some kind of tool to mix.

Normal supplies – work surface and cutting blade, paper towels, wipes, etc. This is a messy project!

*Painterly Earrings Photo courtesy of Ginger Davis Allman