Minutes for COPCG Business Meeting: February 2011

Seven members and three guests were in attendance at our February meeting. Shirley welcomed Myra, Denise, and Rhonda, the three guests. She began the meeting with Show and Tell and members shared some fabulous clay projects they had made.
Because we have only email addresses for some, Shirley asked those who would like to add their address and cell phone number to our records. This will be helpful in times when more than an e-mail is needed.
Because of our presenter was ill, our “live” program on Kaleidoscope Canes was changed to a DVD on caning: Intricate Kaleidoscope Caning with Sarah Shriver. Since Lee Ann, April, and Ruth had previously viewed this DVD and followed the instructions, they were able to interject helpful thoughts and comments as we went along.
Jane moved the December 2010 business meeting minutes be approved. Angela seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.
Lee Ann made a motion to approve the January 2011 business minutes. April seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.
Shirley, Jane, and Myra met at Hobby Lobby’s classroom on the 5th Saturday, January 29th. A great time was had by all! Myra has even finished the bracelet she started at the meeting.
Midwest City Library show is coming up in April. The display will run the entire month. Set up is scheduled at 1:00 PM on Sunday, April 3. Shirley contacted the library and confirmed there are a total of six shelves in the two glass displays.
The shelf dimensions are approximately 12 inches by 63 inches. The space between them is approximately 14 inches. It was suggested that a solid black background of fabric in both displays would work best to accent our work. This will also unify the two cases. Shirley asked Angela and Jane to work on the signage.
We need to see what we are going to display and figure out how to organize it. This will tell us what additional items are needed. Shirley asked all of us to bring the following to our March guild meeting:
1. Our display pieces.
2. Our displays (covered gift boxes or other covered cardboard boxes which are not too large, etc.).
3. Written information for each piece (your name, name of your piece, if any, and technique used).
In Penni Jo’s absence, Jane gave a report on the tentative April retreat. As of now, Penni Jo is trying to get in contact with a church that she is aware of that lets outside groups use their well-lit activity building. Until a facility is secured, the retreat remains very tentative.
**New Business**
Proposed New Office
Shirley asked about our practice regarding visitor following-up, an area that has fallen through the cracks. A membership chairman was suggested, and April offered to take the responsibility in the future. Her availability will depend on how her job works out.
Future Programs
Mosaics with Angela
Tentative: Retreat
Penni Jo has been working on this, but it is not definite.
Tentative: Kaleidoscope Canes with Sue
Angela reported a balance of $763.93. We have 9 members.
**Bottles of Hope Project**
Nance asked for help for contacts to get more bottles to cover.
**Guild Library**
Jane reported on our newest library item:
Creative Sparks by Dayle Doroshow and Cynthia Tinapple.
**Drawing for New Library Book**
We had no drawing because of our subscription to **Polymer Cafe** Magazine is ready for renewal. This month, we will use our library funds for the renewal.
**February Swap**
The theme for February’s swap: “Love Is in the Air”
Myra brought a beautiful faux lapis lazuli bracelet
Lee Ann brought a blue swirl lapel pin heart
Angela brought a box embellished with clay hearts
Nance brought a fun red and gold heart on a red chain heart
Jane brought a purse holder embellished with clay dove and hearts.
**January Raffle**
Jane, Teresa (guest) and Angela won the raffle in January. There will be a raffle in March.

November 13, 2010 Minutes of COPCG meeting

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting held on Nov 13 2010
**1. Introduce / welcome guests**
Angela got us started, getting the lengthy lesson going in order to get as much done as possible. Our meeting was postponed until the projects in the oven before the first baking
**2. Show and Tell**
Angela showed her Steampunk & flower.projects learned in the Christi Friesen class and also a Mosaic art piece. Sue showed her carved beads, Nance showed her pendant and fair entries. Lee Ann showed her finished carved box started in the previous meeting. Ruth showed a beautifully beaded necklace and earring set. Penni Jo showed pics and some things from Sandy Camp.l Starla was back and showed a necklace set. All the work was both exciting and encouraging.
**3. Program:** Angela taught Faux enamel techniques. The class had the room buzzing for the entire three hours. Thank you so very much Angela!!
– We learned to create a mold from a rubber stamp.
– Press the mold into clay and make a molded image.
– Dust the mold with pearl powder to ‘gild’ the clay
– Baking the form.
– Mixing liquid clay with alcohol inks to create clear colors.
– Paint the cooled openings in our baked and cooled forms.
– Bake again to set the colored liquids
– Fill the openings with clear liquid and clarify it using a heat gun.
**4. Minutes**
Minutes were approved. Thank you Shirley for filling in for PJ while she was at Sandy Camp.
**5. Old Business:**
A. PJ did a Sandy Camp report. Great fun was had by all.
B. The possible spring retreat was reported on by PJ and discussed by members. We talked about times, days, working and non working members. We will all be thinking. Also about demonstrations by members, what we might demo. Everyone seemed to think that they would like to learn more about member’s techniques, how they got that special texture or look. .
**6. New Business:**
A. Angela, reported on an upcoming Rings & Things contest. No entry fee.
B. Polymer Cafe Challenge – Steampunk due Dec 10th. Members can use the group magazine entry if desired.
C. Be thinking of who to run for next years officers. We will vote in December.
D. Angela’s new book Polymer Clay 101 will be out in January. Go Angela!! She will bring a book for the guild.
**7. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons):**
Dec. – Member’s ideas show and tell
Jan 8. Vessels – Lee Ann
Feb 11. April Kali Cane
March 8 Angela Mosaics
April 9. Penni Jo Retreat to be held over the retreat weekend?
May 14 Open
**8. Treasurer’s Report ~~ Angela**
– Balance – 453.53
$25.00 prize paid to best of show State Fair winner Penni Jo.
– Members – 10
**9. BOH Report ~~ Nance**
Nance reported, she will be contacting some regional hospitals.
**10. Librarian Report ~~ Jane:**
Jane reported on our new book.
Mixed-Media Mosaics
Techniques & Projects Using Polymer Clay Tiles, Beads and other Embellishments
by Laurie Mika.
**11. Drawing for a new book** ~~ Jane:
Polymer Clay Beaded Jewelry by Isabelle Chercey Bebra
**12. Swap or Raffle brought and won by:**
Starla: Necklace Set Angela
Ruth: Board, container Angela
Shirley: Lisa Palveka stuff & Toolbox Sue
April: Steampunk stuff. Ruth
**13. Next meeting Dec 11, 2010:**
Anyone who wants to swap an item that they will demo or show. It is fun and members are encouraged to swap if they like.

COPCG Minutes Sept 14 2010

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**1. Introductions / welcome guests**
We had two guests, Beth Baker and Christine Sawyer. Beth is a bead maker and was wearing a lovely necklace / earring set that she had made. It was decide that, during the time we each introduced ourselves to our guests, that we would briefly describe how we found polymer clay. Each story was different and so much fun to hear. We all fell in love with the clay and succumbed to it’s siren song.
**2. Show and Tell:**
PJ showed some of the things made for Sandy Camp. Angela showed two things: 1. A faux wood top for a business card case, the carving project for next month and the tool used for carving. (available for about $12.00 to $15.00 at hobby stores) These pretty cases can be sold or used by the maker. Note, if desired, the carving project can be used in anumber of ways. 2. Faux Enamel, the project for November. She showed a rubber stamp example that could be used as the base and starting point for the project. 3. She showed how a reverse stamp can be made from a rubber stamp that can be used to make Faux Enamel or even Faux cloisonne. Nance brought some great beads, beads and more beads. Lee Ann brought some fabulous Bottles of Hope, necklaces, and canes. Sue show her wonderful Faux Ivory set, neckace, earrings and bracelet.
**3. Program: Hollow Beads, Puff and Pillow by Jane**
We made 2 stretched puff beads. One bead was two sided stretched bead and the other was a single side stretch bead with a flat back and hanger. These two beads were baked and while they were baking she demonstrated making lentils on a light bulb, making lentils on a metal paint pallet and the blow up puff bead. An excellent lesson with many facets and techniques. Thanks Jane!
**4. Minutes:**
PJ read the minutes. The spelling of “Armitage” was corrected by Shirley. Angela moved to accept the corrected minutes, Shirley seconded, passed.
**5. Old Business**:
A. Penni Jo – discussion on proposed retreat in spring. A Friday all day and Saturday all day might be a good start. PJ will try to get hold of the church representative for possible dates.
B. State Fair: tomorrow is last day for deliveries.
Angela brought us our parking and entry tickets.
Sept. 19, 2-6 is our demo time. A note was taken of how many would be coming. We felt like there needed to be at least four people in the demo area at once for a good showing. Sue asked what we should bring. After our experience last year it was decided to bring the following: Flyers, clipboard with signup sheet, each member working can plan a small display of finished clay items, work supplies including work surface and a project(s) on which to work while there.
Shirley will take the banner home and bring both the banner and the screen to the demonstration.
We would like to have someone arrive around 1:30 for the setup and the other members arrive as soon as they can.
**6. New Business**:
Discussion on next year’s fair discription of the categories
a. 60% rule. What constitutes 60%. a variety of opinions. PJ was going to enter a mosiac box, but the box was more than 50% of the design. The same with a bell, the glass bottom was more than the handles, thus not qualifying. [A note from yours truly, Penni Jo. When we originally discussed this rule, especially in conjunction with jewelry, the thinking was — when making a necklace with a polymer clay pendant — if it was made using a lot of glass beads and showy wirework with the pendant as a part of the necklace, this overwhelming amount of non-polymer clay parts might cause a necklace to be awarded a ribbon for all the bead work with the polymer clay pendant only an element in the design. There is nothing wrong with awards for fabulous beadwork, but this is a polymer clay division and we wanted polymer clay to be the centerpiece of all our designs, not just an element in a larger, non-polymer design. Thus the 60% rule.]
b. The question was, should the rules be changed for next year? It was discussed and one member suggested that perhapss wording might be added “aside from the underlying structure or armature.” Many members expressed a positive response to this modification
c. Also brought up was a Mixed Media option. After a bit more discussion it was tabled for a later meeting. [Another aside: after the demonstration, Jane and I discussed the “Mixed Media” category idea. If so, then many other options are open to both the polymer clay user and the metal clay user. Also, picture frames, boxes, etc. etc.]
d. Another question, what constitutes a bead? Does it have to have a hole? from side to side? if from top to bottom is it a focal bead or a pendant? Do we need to add a definition of a bead to our description? Curious minds……
e. “Bead in” ‘s Pat Pierson has a bead group that meets every two weeks on the 1st and 3rd Monday from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. We are invited to join them.
f. Shirley brought us all the submission form for the Paseo’s annual container show. Thanks Shirley.
**7. Report from VP April: upcoming lessons or demos**
Oct – Carvings by Angela
Nov – Faux Enamel by Angela
Dec – Member ideas and or a something made using a lesson learned this year, bring a sample.
**8. Treasurer’s Report: Angela**
$608.38 in treasury
10 members
**9. Bottles of Hope: Nance**
We are all still working on them, keep bringing them in.
**10. New Book Report: Jane**
The new book is very good, even if it is not polymer clay. The flower construction is basically universal and has great instructions.
She also showed the new PolymerCafe Magazine. Angela’s art is in this issue.
**11. New book Drawing:**
I must have been asleep when the drawing happened, I have no idea which book was selected. Can some one please enlighten me? thanks.
**12. Raffle / Swap: This month was the Raffle**.
Penni Jo and Nance brought items for the raffle. Penni Jo won Nance’s beads and the works for a clay covered pen light. Shirley won Penni Jo’s tools and mold.
Next month will be the Swap.
**Next meeting will be on October 9th, 2010
at the Hobby Lobby Store in Moore, OK. **

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting August 14, 2010

**1. Introduce / welcome guests**
Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting. We had a visitor: Mary Armegin. Welcome Mary!! Present were: April, Nance, Angela, Shirley, Lee Ann, Sue, Jane, and Penni Jo
**2. Show and Tell**
Angela showed pens made with canes. One is a Bic retractable. Lee Ann showed a pendant made made with a slice of the feather cane that she made last year while demonstrating at the State Fair. Jane had a giant paper clip made using the Ruphia bead technique. Nance showed the roses, leaves and flowers that she would be teaching today. April had a cool box of Kali canes that she is practicing from a Sarah Shiver book. Penni Jo showed her latest mold and a pendant and earring set made using the mold.
**3. Program:** Nance gave a brief history of the Japanese wood based clay that we would be using. She gave us each a tray and enough white and colors to create a rose, tiny lilac and leaves. We had great fun making tiny arrangements in the pots and bowls that Nance brought for the arrangements. Thank you Nance!
**4. Minutes**:
Penni Jo Read the minutes. Nance moved they be approved as read, Sue seconded. Minutes were approved.
**5. Old Business:**
Reminder of the fair deadline.
A. State Fair — Today is the last day and you can still sign up on line. PJ made a fair worksheet on which to list your items to keep track of your progress and remember which pretties to take to the fair. (she is old and forgetful, hence, the list). 🙂
State Fair Demo – Sunday, Sept. 19, 2:00-6:00 Our demo area will have two 8 foot tables in the same area as last year.
1. Ideas/Suggestion for Jewelry entry (and any other entry): We discussed a number of ideas, including
a. Jewelry displays for sale at Michael’s with a coupon.
b. Pin on ‘form’
c. Make an informative, nice stick-on or folded description of entry to be shown with the entry. Jane will have them made to describe the item. What is this? Is it cane, sculpted, purpose, and other info including the words “Polymer Clay” prominently on on description. We are to call or email info needed.
B. Penni Jo-Retreat update? She will call the church in question for more info.
C. Shirley has lined up our Guild to display at Midwest City Library in April, 2011
D. April is coming.
**6. New Business:**
Jane showed how projects “popped” on black backgrounds and suggested that we try to bring a display with our projects to the fairgrounds with our entries. It was amazing to see how showy an item looked on a black or dark burgundy background.
Members expressed some dissatisfaction with the way last year’s polymer clay items were mixed in with entries from other categories and felt that the polymer clay items were lost among many different styles and materials. Angela said she would ask if the fair managers need volunteers for helping with setups.
We discussed quarter sheet fliers for visitors to the demo to pick up with our guild info on the front and a list of polymer clay tools etc. on the back. There was a discussion that we research to have the quarter sheet handouts for demonstration day printed professionally. We would like 200 to 300 sheets and will take as many as we can get for about $25.00 or more for the printing, depending on whether color is prohibitively expensive. Even if it costs over $25.00, we need plenty of them so as not to run out. Any left over sheets can be used at Hobby Lobby to advertise our guild meetings. Members can discuss details and costs of color printing with the group through email.
NEW TIME: Since there is now a class just before us that ends at 1:00, we have agreed to move our meeting time forward on half hour to 1:30, going to 4:30. Shirley moved we check with HL about the time change. Nance seconded. Approved. Jane will check with management to be sure this time works for them.
NOTE: Angela encouraged members to submit their polymer clay work to Polymer Cafe’s Reader Gallery, as they are always looking for high resolution photos of good polymer clay work. If you send some of your flickr site links to Polymer Cafe they may write to ask you for permission and / or for higher res pictures to use in the magazine.
**7. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons):**
Sept.- Pillow beads-Jane
Nov..- Faux cloisonne, faux enamel- Angela
Dec. – Members ideas – bring item to show finished results.
April amended the list. Penni Jo will not be able to teach the faux cloisonne so moved it to 2011. Angela will teach the Faux Enamel in November.
**8. Treasurer’s Report ~~ Angela**
– Balance – $628.15
– Members -10
**9. BOH Report ~~ Nance**
Please bring finished BOH and take unfinished bottles home. Make more.
**10. Librarian Report ~~ Jane:**
New library item- ) – Artful Ways with Polymer Clay by Dottie McMillan – (has been ordered but not arrived; to be seen next month)
**11. Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane:**
Clay Art for all Seasons.
**12. Swap or Raffle**
Swap: August – anything made learned in guild. We had a giant paper clip with a Ruphia bead top, a fabulous Kali Cane and a pair of mokume gane earrings. Jane got the earrings, April got the paper clip and Penni Jo got the Kali cane.
September – Penni Jo, Nance and Starla, winners of July’s raffle to bring for this month’s raffle.
Next meeting:
September 11, 2010
At Hobby Lobby in Moore

Minutes of Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild meeting held July 10, 2010

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting July 10, 2010
Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting.
**1. Introduce / welcome guests**~~ Our guest was Starla Ballew. She brought a lot of lovely jewelry to the meeting for us to oohhh and aahhh over.
**2. Show and Tell** ~~ As usual there was much ooohing and aaaaahing as members showed their most recent creations. Jane showed the hand sculpted gum paste figures sculpted by herself and Penni Jo for Christian’s birthday cake. Lee Ann brought a beautiful necklace and wonderful two pins. Nance showed a lovely thisle ring. . April brought hollow vessels and hearts that blew us away.
**3. Minutes** ~~ Approved.
**4. Program**~~ Pinched Petal Necklace — We made canes from the colors we identified in our last meeting from the book Polymer Clay Color Inspirations.
Members made skinner blends from multiple colors, created a blended cylinder and inserted the almond shaped skinner blend center into the blended cylinder. After reducing the cylinder to a long rope, slices cut from this cane went slowly from one color to another revealing a beautiful set of petal beads.
**5. Old Business** ~~
A. State Fair Reminder – be sure to sign up before the 14th of August!!
B. We discussed Penni Jo’s idea to a very simple retreat and have a two day event where we could learn, share and grow. She would like for us to think about the idea. Makin’s will send samples for an event or guild special event. Successes: PJ has been asked to make a project for the Makin’s website and has been tapped to teach at 2011 Fandango.
C. August 10th is the deadline for the PolymerCafe challenge “Mica Shift This”
D. We celebrated Angela’s tool article in the PolymerCafe magazine.
Reminder: Christi Fresian will be teaching in Liberty Mo Oct 23 & 24. for more info:
www.beadbrowsery.com .
E. Alberquerque workshops:
> 1. Lindley Haunan Saturday Sept 26, $200.00.
> 2. Jana Roberts Benzon April 2&3 2011
> 3. Heather Campbell ‘Faux Batik’ Oct 2011
> 4. Sarah Shriver Summer 2011
F. Shirley: reminder about the Midwest City Library needing items for their display cases. She will call for info. An email update was sent to the group recently. April seems good for everyone, so I have scheduled our guild display at the Midwest City Library for April, 2011.
**6. New Business**~~ None.
**7. V.P. Report** (upcoming lessons)
August – Air dry flowers – Nance – Deco Clay can be ordered from Piece Makers.
September – Pillow beads by Jane
October – Faux Enamel & Faux Cloisonne – Angela
November – Carving – Angela
December – Meeting to be members ideas
**8. Treasurer’s Report**~~ Angela
Balance – $612.55 – Members – 10
**9. BOH Report**~~ Nance
Nance has been out of the loop but is coming back.
**10. Librarian Report** ~~ Jane:
Reported about the new DVD Claying Around with Lisa Palveka.
Showed the newest PolymerCafe June issue.
**11. Drawing for a new book** ~~ Jane:
We drew for the new book, Artful Ways with Polymer Clay by Dottie McMillan.
**12. Raffle / Swap**
July Raffle winners were Nance, Penni Jo (2 items) and Starla.
*August Swap ~~ Anything made using a technique learned at Guild*
**Next meeting August 14 at Hobby Lobby in Moore.**

Minutes of Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild meeting held June 12, 2010

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting – June 12, 2010
Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting.
**1. Introduce-welcome guests**
We had no visitors for guild but interested folks came in while cleaning up including an artist named Doris. She may be back.
**2. Show and Tell**
Angela showed some fabulous items from her book, plant sticks and reviewed jewelry stuff from Michael’s, Premo kits, findings for clay at about $10.00 & new Premo products. Sue showed some more of her fabulous jewelry including some great faux wood. Shirley cautioned us about the cutter edge of a waxed paper box and displayed a bandaged finger. Penni Jo showed her faux Ribbon Embroidery samples. I forget if Lee Ann had a show and tell, but I think so. If I don’t write it down, it didn’t happen it seems.
**3. Program:**
We made a royal mess on the tables as we ripped and tore color pages from every kind of magazine that there is. Lee Ann left with a wonderful collage of “her” colors that everyone said was just “her”. The color lesson was from the book “Polymer Clay Color Inspirations”. Next month we will make a necklace project from the book using the colors we love.
Penni Jo talked about the importance of Value and color selection. We will like our projects and finished products better if they reflect our true color selection with good values.
**4.Old Business:**
Minutes were read and approved.
State Fair, : We will do the demo on Saturday Sept 19th from 1-5?. Sign up for the fair can be done starting July 1st through Aug 14 on line or at the fair grounds.
July 31st can be a play day for us to work on fair projects.
**5.New Business:**
A. Penni Jo asked if we could plan a very simple retreat and have a two day event where we could learn, share and grow. Something to think about. Makin’s will send samples for an event or guild special event.
Successes: PJ has been asked to make a project for the Makin’s website and has been tapped to teach at 2011 Fandango.
B. Christi Fresien will be teaching in Kansas City. See Angela for more details.
C. Alberquerque workshops
> 1. Lindley Haunan Saturday Sept 26, $200.00.
> 2. Jana Roberts Benzon April 2&3 2011
> 3. Heather Campbell ?Faux Batik? Oct 2011
> 4. Sarah Shriver Summer 2011
D. PolymerCafe Challenge Winter White
E. Angela has an article in next (current) PolymerCafe on tools.
**6. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons):**
July- Penni Jo will teach the necklace from the book “Polymer Clay Color Inspirations”. Her class has been moved to November.
Aug – Air dry clay Nance
Sept – Pillow beads – Jane
Oct – Faux Enamel & Faux Cloisonne – Angela
Nov. – Carving — Angela
**7. Treasurer’s Report ~~ Angela**
Balance $612.55
Members 10
**8. BOH Report ~~ Nance **
Not in attendance.
**9. Librarian Report ~~ Jane:**
Jane reviewed the new color book. Excellent info and color collections.
10. Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane:**
New DVD “Poly Clay Treasures”
**11A. June swap: **No one but PJ had any pairs so she kept her pear earrings.
**11. Raffle Winners to bring items**:
Nance, Lee Ann & Jane:
Next meeting July 10 at the Hobby Lobby in Moore 1:00 to 4:00 pm **

May 2010 Meeting Notes

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting May 08, 2010
Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting.
1. Introduce / welcome guests –
We had no guests this meeting.
2. Show and Tell
As usual there was much ooohing and aaaaahing as members showed their most recent creations. Jane had a mica shift pendant necklace. Lee Ann brought her Ruphia bead and finished vessel. Nance passed around the air dry flowers that she will be teaching. Penni Jo showed her focal beads.
3. Program: Faux Embroidery by Penni Jo ( was pointy flowers) Because of the enthusiastic response she completed the technique, submitted a syllabus to the Fandango and was accepted as one of three teachers for 2010.
4. Old Business:
Ruth reported on the Art Festival. People asked questions but there were no info sheets about the clay and our guild. Next year we need a handout and need to find out if we can demo. Also, the table needs to be rearranged for better display and viewing. In order to be part of the Art Festival next year, we need to have classes at least one center. Having classes with children and adults was discussed. If classes are taught for children then the center can supply the clay. Ruth – maybe develope kids programs in the centers. Jane, PJ & others to develop programs to teach teachers. There were a lot of positive comments about our display.
5. New Business:
a. State Fair: I reported for Angela. Enrollment for fair is July 1 through Aug 16. We also talked about demonstrating on the first Sunday again this year.
b. Play Day. It was suggested we might use our play days to prepare our state fair entries. Email Jane if you want to participate in Play Days.
6. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons):
June – Color collage (AKA design board) – exercise from the color book. Everyone bring 5 magazines, we will tear out colors, and pallets that we like and learn to make a color collage that can help us choose clay colors for caning, sculpting and designing. Also, if you like bring your favorite colors of clay, paint chips, silk flowers, etc. This promises to be an exciting, revealing and helpful project.
July- Carving by Angela
Aug – Air dry clay Nance
Sept – Pillow beads – Jane
Oct – Faux Enamel & Faux Cloisonne – Angela
7. Treasurer’s Report ~~ Angela
Balance – $640.27 Members – 10
8. BOH Report ~~ Nance
Nance is needing medium sized bottles and has contacted Norman Regional again.
9. Librarian Report ~~ Jane:
Jane reviewed the new book Perfectly Paired.
10. Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane:
We drew for the new book, Color Index by Jim Krause.
11. Raffle
Winners of last raffle brought items to the meeting. Winner to bring something to next raffle: Nance, Jane, Lee Ann
12. June Swap ~~ Pairs — bring any pair of anything to swap. Even a pair of pears.
Next meeting June 12 at 1:00 pm at the new Hobby Lobby in Moore.