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Minutes for March 2013 Meeting

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Tom opened the meeting. There were 14 attendees. We began with Show and Tell. Connie showed the Easter bunny pin and the 3D inchies she made for the Safari inchie swap. Lee Ann showed a jasper necklace and examples of labradorite with which she is experimenting. Penni Jo displayed stamped clay. She made a stamp by putting hot glue in a silicon mold and then removing it and using it as a stamp.

Tom asked for approval of February’s minutes. Penni Jo made the motion and Jane seconded it. The minutes were approved.
Cheryl taught the program this month. We made Easter rabbits that could be mounted on a candle ring to make a 3D Easter vignette.

Lee Ann announced that May program will be learning how to make labradorite. She will teach the lesson.

Angela gave the treasurer’s report. We now have 20 members with two new members joining in January. Tom announced that Janice will also be joining.

Jane showed the new Polymer Café magazine. It has a great article about our own Penni Jo. The challenge for this issue is “Seasons.” The deadline is April 30th.

In old business we discussed the upcoming retreat. We will have access to the church at 6:30 on Wednesday night. We will cover and arrange tables. Ruth is in charge of decorating. Several folks volunteered to help her. Penni Jo showed the new table cloth. It reaches to the floor on all sides and is very attractive. At retreat check in, everyone will be asked to sign up for kitchen and oven duty. Everyone is asked to bring inchies in groups of five to make the distribution easier. Please also bring one extra for the guild inchie board. Remember to bring snacks. Cheryl volunteered to bring a toaster if needed.

We will meet at 1:30pm at Jane’s house to stuff goodie bags. Tinker Credit Union donated the bags again. They are a terrific insulated lunch bag.

There will be no meeting in April because we will be at retreat. The raffle will happen in May. February winners will bring goodies. Our June inchie swap theme will be “Pearl.”

Our next meeting will be May 11 at 1:30 pm. We will meet at the OKC Art Center on the fair grounds.

Minutes for February 2013 Meeting

Tom opened the meeting.  There were 18 in attendance including one visitor, Janice.  We began with Show and Tell.  Nance displayed her fossil pendant that had a tooth that was 311 million years old and a piece of tusk that was only 8000 years old.  They were embedded in a polymer “rock”.   Lee Ann has been experimenting with faux jasper which she displayed.  Penni Jo shared the orchids that she made for a class she taught in San Antonio and an old pocket watch which was made into a three bears’ picnic complete with baby bear flying a kite that could be moved.  Tom showed a custom stamp.  You will be able to bid on a custom stamp at the silent auction during our retreat. Cheryl presented a tin covered in variegated polymer extrusions.  Lori shared fossil molds she made.  She will be doing a demonstration on the technique Thursday at the retreat.

Jane presented this month’s program, Magic Beads.  She showed how to join the beads to increase their size and how to cut them into desired shapes.  She displayed several different methods of covering the beads with polymer and various inclusions.

Lee Ann announced the up-coming programs:

March – spring candle rings taught by Cheryl

April – Safari Retreat

May – to be announced taught by Lee Ann

Angela gave the treasurer’s report.  There are currently 22 members.  Membership renewal monies are due in January.  Angela will be accepting payments today.

Jane shared the three new magazine issues we have received.  The Polymer Cafe challenge this month is “Celebrate.”

In old business, Lisa suggested that we bring inchies for our bimonthly swap.  Inchies are similar to artists’ trading cards.  They are an inch square and not more than a fourth inch thick.  We agreed to try it next month.  Lisa will handle the distribution.  The theme for next month is “Blue.”  Please bring inchies in increments of five.  You will receive back the number that you bring.

Penni Jo reported on the up-coming retreat.  Myra will work with Bob Linn to be sure we have items needed for printing.  Ruth is ordering table covers.  Lee Ann will bring the fabric for the display table.  Jane is working on the meals.  Tom has ordered the ovens and they have been received.  We currently have 24 vendors and persons who are donating to the goody bags, door prizes or the silent auction.  Tinker Credit Union will again donate the bags to hold our goodies. We will stuff goody bags Saturday, April 6th. The inchie exchange at retreat will keep an “open theme”.  Please bring inchies in increments of five.  Tom will be the MC for door prizes.  Shirley is handling publicity.

In new business, Angela recommended we have a consultation with a tax accountant regarding our non-profit status since our treasury is increasing.  Penni Jo made the motion to do so; Tom seconded it and the motion passed.  There was a question if donations could be made to maintain the non-profit status.  If so, several ideas for donations were recommended including specific disease research or art projects.  Angela will meet with a tax accountant and report back.

We discussed reducing the membership dues of the person who heads up the annual retreat.  The general agreement was this is a good idea due to the amount of work involved.  Angela will look at the membership discounts and we will discuss the particulars at the next meeting.

Angela also shared that the Eufaula Art Walk has asked if the guild would be interested in participating.  It is the first weekend of October.  She will get more information and bring it back for further discussion.  Nance suggested that projects creating Bottles of Hope might be a good demonstration or hands-on experience.

Tom, Penni Jo, Marsha and Janice were the beneficiaries of this month’s raffle.  They will bring prizes for the May meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.  Next month’s meeting will be Saturday, March 9th, at 1:30 pm at the OKC Art Center on the fairgrounds.


Minutes for December 2012 Meeting

Lee Ann called the meeting to order.  A motion was made by Jane and a second by Penni Jo to approve the November minutes.  All were in favor.

Lee Ann announced the upcoming programs:

January: faux fossils taught by Lori

February: to be announced taught by Jane

March:  spring candle ring taught by Cheryl

Lisa suggested that we occasionally teach classes with a holiday theme.

The treasurers report was given.  We currently have 21 members.


Lee Ann announced next year’s guild officers.  They will be:

President – Tom

Secretary – Cheryl

Treasurer – Angela

Webmaster – Myra

Librarian – Jane

Assistant Librarian – Lee Ann

Bottles of Hope – Nance

Photographer – to be announced

Inchie swap – Lisa suggested that rather than doing an item swap every other month, we might consider doing an inchie swap.  We will think about this and decide at another meeting.

Membership Dues are payable in January.  The cost is $36 a year with discounts given for teaching a class or serving as an officer.  Angela will send out emails detailing each individual’s charge.

Library review was on the new issue of Polymer Cafe.  We discussed entering your items in their challenges.



Retreat Information – Penni Jo reported on the retreat.  The budget has been set for the food committee.  We will need folks to sign up to help set up and clean up after meals.  Marcia will do the inchie swap.  She will not require any funds.  Ruth will be in charge of decorating.  The guild voted to buy half of the needed table skirting now and bins for storage.  We will work on buying the rest of the table skirting next year.  Tom has ordered and received the ovens.  He is storing them until the retreat.  The guild needs to purchase 3 timers and 3 oven thermometers.  Lisa has received four replies of companies willing to sponsor the retreat by donating to the goodie bags or to the silent autions.

There is a members only discount for the retreat.  Email Cheryl at for information.  March 11 is the deadline for the early bird registration of $80.  The charge after that date will be $90.  The budget for the room rental, janitorial service, food costs and other items needed was discussed.

Feedback from last year’s retreat revealed that the reason it was successful was because it was friendly, our theme was carried through-out the event (including music at the entrance), we kept to the schedule, the food was good and there was a general sense of convenience.  Besides all that, we had FUN!  We will work on achieving those same things again this year.


This month’s program included each person bringing an item they made and sharing the techniques used.  We then swapped by playing “Dirty Santa”.  Penni Jo gave a demonstration of how to make darling Christmas tree earrings.


The next meeting will be held on January 9 from 1:30 to 4:30 at the City Arts Center on the fairgrounds.



Minutes for November 2012 Meeting

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Show and Tell included Ruth showing two necklaces she had made with the iKat cane that Lisa taught at the October meeting. Lisa showed items that she made with the iKat cane also. She shared that soaking an item in ammonia will remove the Future finish many people use. This allows you to correct any drips that might occur. Lisa also displayed a whistle that she learned how to make from an online tutorial. Steampunk pieces that Tom & Lisa each made were published in a magazine. Kay brought beads to show, including a Kokopali pendant. Penni Jo shared cabons that she made using the cabon mold she carries. She explained how she loaded the mold with slices of canes, layering to create a flower & leaf design. When you push it from the mold, you have a beautiful piece. Penni Jo also showed a feather created from polymer. Lee Ann showed Bottles of Hope.

Lee Ann announced the following programs:

Dec – Swap; everyone bring one thing they’ve made this year & be ready to explain the process of making it; we’ll swap items at the conclusion of the meeting

Jan – how to make faux fossils; taught by Lori

Angela gave the treasurers report and announced that we have 21 members.

Jane announced that the next Polymer Cafe challenge is nature. Your entry is due in December.

Penni Jo told what has been planned for our retreat. The following list shows the responsibility and the person who will chair that area:

Decorations – Ruth

Food – Jane

Registration – Cheryl

Goodie bags – Penni Jo, Lisa, Cheryl

Printing & Website – Myra

Ovens – Tom, Nance & April

Demos – Cheryl

Publicity – Shirley

The website EventBrite has been set up for online registration. It is very easy to use. Our teacher, Syndee Holt, will also do a make and take. We voted to buy two ovens for the retreat.

Penni Jo also presented an offer by Patti Bond. She would be willing to teach two classes on a Saturday, charging $60 for both classes. We discussed using this as an alternative for our September meeting since our meeting place will be unavailable.

The guild agreed to pay ahead for the room rental.

Our next meeting will be Dec. 8th at the OKC Art Center located at the fairgrounds.


Minutes for October 2012 Meeting

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Lee Ann opened the meeting. Shirley has had to resign her position as president due to health reasons. Lee Ann will finish out the year.

Show and Tell included Lisa showing pictures that gave her color inspiration. Tom showed a Bottle of Hope he made using the rose can that Penni Jo taught at the September meeting. Jane showed a cute Halloween cat and pumpkin necklace she made.

Lee Ann announced the following programs:

Nov – Covering Altoid tins, taught by Cheryl

Dec – Swap; everyone bring one thing they’ve made this year & be ready to explain the process of making it; we’ll swap items at the conclusion of the meeting

Jan – how to make faux fossils; taught by Lori

Angela gave the treasurers report. We’ve spent $114 this month in moving to a new software system for our website, printing fliers for the fair & our domain name renewal. We have two magazine subscriptions that need to be renewed. We voted to renew The Polymer Arts subscription. The report was approved.

The new software system will allow us to put pictures of the covers of our library books online. The book list will be available by clicking the button located on the right side of the site page.

We discussed purchasing skirting for the display/food tables at the retreat. We agreed that Ruth could purchase.

November is swap month. The theme is Home & Hearth. Bring something if you would like to participate in the swap.

The next meeting will be November 10 at 1:30 at the City Arts Center on the fairgrounds. Remember to enter at Gate 3, located on May Ave.

Minutes for August 2012 Meeting

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Shirley called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone and gave the following reminder:

Reminder: Sept. meeting will be at Southwest Oklahoma City Library, at 2201 SW 134th, OKC (SW 134th is about 4 mi. south of I-240, down Penn. From I35, turn west onto SW 4th in Moore. Drive about 3 mi. Library is on north side of road, just west of Pennsylvania. Moore Norman South Penn Campus is just to the north of it. From I44, turn east on SW134th and go almost 2.5 miles. Just before Penn.) Bring floor covering for your space (shower curtain from Dollar Store would work. Also, nothing is to be taped or hung on walls.) 2201 SW 134th Street

There were 12 members in attendance.

Show and Tell: Lee Ann showed 2 necklaces, both Bargello but opposite coloring, that she had made. Myra showed a writing pen she had covered with a leaf cane at the top was a cute little lady bug. Nance showed a ‘bottle of hope’ that Lee Ann had made and donated. Kay showed a woven blanket button she had made.

Program: Finishing Techniques and Protective Finishes – Lee Ann and Shirley

Shirley gave a demonstration on how she sands and buffs her pieces.

She had a handout for everyone, “Finishing Techniques for Polymer Clay” and she explained her techniques.

Lee Ann spoke on Protective Finishes. She also had a handout for everyone.

She showed various products and had examples of pieces using those products.

Lisa had a handout for everyone on TLS, mica and Future.

Business Meeting:

1. Approval of July Meeting Notes– Motion by Angela, second by Myra; approved

2. Officers Reports: Vice President – Lee Ann: Upcoming programs:

Sept. – Rose Cane, taught by Penni Jo

Oct. – Ikat Cane, taught by Lisa

Treasurer – Angela gave the treasurers report.

Bottles of Hope Coordinator- Nance: Nance gave an update on the ‘bottles of hope’ project. She received one donation bottle at the meeting from LeeAnn. Nance had blank bottles available for whoever wanted to work on the project.

Librarian- Jane and Lee Ann will continue to bring books at our meetings.

Web Master- Stacie will do updates, Angela will do major web revisions and Myra will update the retreat page.

3. Old Business: State Fair Demo – (Angela) The guild is scheduled to Demo at the State Fair on Sunday September 16th from 2-6pm. Contact Angela for parking and fair passes.

Retreat 2013 – Penni Jo has posted a call for Artists with a September 7 deadline.

4. New Business: Guild Library Storage: Discuss possible options (Angela has some thoughts)

Other New Business: none


No raffle in September.

COPCG February 11, 2012 Meeting

**Welcome/Show & Tell**
Shirley welcomed us and opened the meeting with show and tell.
Penni Jo brought items of “Lessons Learned”. She brought dream catcher items using the wood grain that LeeAnn taught at the last meeting. pjdreamcatch1.jpg
She was trying out Pardo brown and transferring an image. She tried pearl and translucent clay. The image had a tendency to disappear using the Pardo translucent. She also learned you should preheat your oven and use a tile to bake. She gave us all a copy of the interior of the dream catcher transfer. It’s nice to know that the learning process continues even after years of working with polymer!
Angel brought two pendants that she had experimented with using alcohol inks, thick embossing powder, and liquid polymer.
angelpendents1.jpg Very pretty!
Tom brought a neat little jar with a lid of hearts and roses. Little conversation heart candies peeked out of the heart cut outs on the sides. Tom lined the cut outs with Angelina film.tomhearts1.jpg
Lessons learned seemed to be a theme of show and tell this month, as Tom had tried super glue to attach the film on one side. He discovered that the glue clouds the film. However, the lesson did not detract from the sweet container.
Shirley showed several items and their progression for the lesson that she will be teaching this month, Mokume Gane with a Twist. mokumesample2.jpgThey are very attractive pieces that she sanded with increasing grits and then buffed. She learned that sweat shirt material will do a nice job of buffing a piece.
**Makume Gane with a Twist**
Shirley started her lesson by giving each of us a bag of items to use for texturing and other effects. Fun stuff!! She taught the makume gane technique, including an easy way to slice the clay evenly. janemokume1.jpg
Awesome little tricks. The results were many terrific creations with wonderful colors and textures.
**Valentine Themed Swap**
Our bimonthly swap had a Valentine theme this time. LeeAnn got Jane’s polymer covered ink pen; Jane got Alex’s little bottle filled with hearts; and Alex got LeeAnn’s heart pendant.
**Next Meeting**
The next meeting will be Saturday, March 10, 2012 from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the Hobby Lobby in Moore.
If you’d like to see more photos of our group meetings, check out our [Mokume Gane album]( on Facebook!

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