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Officer Duties

Each January, we elect officers to serve as the group’s leaders for the year. Where possible, we limit terms to two years. Here’s a partial list of each officer’s responsibilities.

Elected Officers


  • Prepares meeting agendas & conducts meetings
  • Coordinates with other officers
  • Serves as contact person for prospects/community; helps publicize group events
  • Post signs on meeting day, as needed.

Vice President (Program Chairperson):

  • Schedules program presenters for upcoming meetings
  • Coordinates with presenters to get supply lists and meeting announcement write-ups
  • Updates website with meeting info at least a week before the meeting (or sends info to webmaster to make updates)
  • Decides swap themes
  • Emails members a reminder about upcoming meetings
  • Conducts meetings in President’s absence


  • Prints & brings sign-in sheets; forwards guests’ contact info for follow-up as necessary
  • Takes notes during business meeting
  • Writes up meeting notes for website (can upload or send to webmaster to upload)


  • Keeps financial records and provides a monthly report during the business meeting
  • Sends out dues reminders; receives & deposits members’ dues
  • Updates membership directory
  • Manages bi-monthly raffle; brings petty cash to make change; deposits proceeds
  • Pays for room rental and other guild expenses as needed
  • Orders additions to the guild library


  • Assists officers as needed in posting monthly meeting announcements (before meeting) and meeting notes (after meeting) to the website
  • Keeps Facebook, etc. updated with group info and events
  • Makes other website updates as necessary

Volunteer Positions


  • Sets up guild library books at meetings
  • Keeps sign-out sheets and oversees lending of materials to members
  • Reports to members about new library offerings

Bottles of Hope Coordinator:

  • Brings empty bottles for members to cover
  • Keeps finished bottles, arranges for distribution of bottles to cancer patients/survivors.
  • Helps coordinate Bottles of Hope events & publicity


  • Takes pictures during guild meetings and other guild events. Photos may include Show and Tell items, finished projects, work in progress, or group shots
  • Uploads photos online (options include our website, Flickr, and/or Facebook)

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