September 2009 Meeting Notes

After beginning September’s meeting with Show and Tell, we got right down to business, with six members in attendance.
Angela Mabray’s lesson involved making nametags embellished with 3-dimensional molded items. Angela, whose Crafty Goat blog is widely known for its carefully researched reviews of books and materials, began by discussing several mold-making compounds, noting their strengths, weaknesses, and their appropriateness for different applications. This was accompanied by a detailed handout. We then made a nametag base and transferred a toner-based printout of our name to it. Last, we created molds of some small items from colored clay and attached them to the tags. Pictured is a nametag in progress. IMG_5543_trmAdj.jpg
Thanks to Angela for a well-organized lesson! Few finished during the meeting, but we hope to see some beautiful nametags next month.
**Business Meeting:**
**Old Business:**

**Oklahoma State Fair Competition:** Entries will be accepted September 12th from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., and September 13, from 12:00 noon until 5:00 p.m. Enter the grounds through Gates 3 or 4, located off May Avenue.

**State Fair Guild Demonstration:** Angela distributed fair tickets and parking passes. She will e-mail everyone a map. It was decided that each member participating would choose a separate technique to demonstrate.
**New Business:**

**Hobby Lobby Display:** Jane L. announced that she had a new sign made and had purchased a new stand for our Hobby Lobby display.

**Polymer Cafe Competition:** Jane announced a contest sponsored by *Polymer Cafe Magazine* featuring faux techniques. She urged members to enter.
Vice President April G. led us in planning topics for our upcoming meetings:

**October:** Starry Night Cane and weave canes with Jane

**November:** Share a Tip Day

**December:** Faux Wood with Lee Ann

**January:** TBA

**February and March:** Hollow Vessels with April, a 2-part lesson
April asked whether we would be interested in a class on jewelry findings and their use. Everyone was in favor, so April will check with area bead stores to find a presenter. Additional program topics under discussion are calliedoscope canes, pietre dure mosaic, rose canes, polymer clay portraits, and mica shift.
**Treasurer’s Report:** Angela reported a balance of $501.01. We have 8 members.
**Bottles of Hope:** Nance R. reported that beginning next Tuesday, she will be teaching bottles of hope for the cancer support group during the second Tuesday of each month at Norman Regional Hospital.
**Librarian’s Report:** Jane L. brought attention to our newest issue of *Polymer Cafe Magazine* and Angela M. reviewed our newest library addition, *Polymer Clay Color Inspirations: Techniques and Jewelry Projects for Creating Successful Palettes*, by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio. She described it as an excellent and exhaustive workbook, akin to a college course in color, which might be too thorough for some, but very helpful for others. Angela also praised Maggie Maggio for her newly begun online “Saturday School”, with weekly excercises that go along with the book. Her web site is
**Announcements:** Angela Mabray will be teaching a class September 27th at the Craft Weekend at Downtown DIY. She distributed cards. Craft Weekend will provide a location where people can come to participate in a full two days of crafting.
**Drawing for a new library book:** *Polypens*, by Linda Peterson was the winning item and will be purchased by the guild this month.
**Bi-monthly Raffle:** Winners of the raffle items were Nance, April, and Lee Ann. As winners, they will be responsible for bringing items for the next raffle, in November.
**October Swap:** October will be a swap month, and the theme will be “canes.” Any member may participate by bringing one, two, or three canes, adding up to a total of 3 inches of cane to swap with others.

August 2009 Meeting Notes

*Special thanks to our treasurer, April G., for once again taking notes during the August meeting in the absence of the secretary.*
Seven members attended our August meeting, and President Jane L. also welcomed two guests, Julie and her daughter Anna.
We began with **Show and Tell**, with the majority of members present participating! Angela M. brought a necklace and bracelet. Penni Jo C. showed a tile made with the Pietra Dure technique, from Sue Heaser’s book. Sue M. brought a bracelet made with an unusual technique and a Bottle of Hope she made using one of the techniques we learned at our July meeting. Jane L. showed a small fish sculpture she made using the “lamella” technique. What an active and creative group of clayers we have! Reflecting our concern about transporting our clay in the car in the summer heat, Nance R. displayed an insulated bag she purchased to carry her clay. She bought it at Barnes and Noble.
**Program:** April Gregory taught us her technique for making several different flower canes. As always, she presented a great lesson.
**Business Meeting:**
**Old Business:**

**State Fair Entries:** Jane reminded everyone of the August 15th deadline for submitting entry forms for the new polymer clay category. She handed out entry forms , although it is possible to register online at www.okstatefair. com/creativearts.asp.

**State Fair Clay Demonstration:** Angela discussed our demonstration at the fair, scheduled from 2-7 p.m. on Sunday, September 20th. Six members, Angela, Jane, Nance, Sue, Lee Ann, and Penni Jo, stated that they would be available to participate. Angela suggested that everyone choose their own individual technique to demonstrate, and Penni Jo suggested that everyone could work on covering a medicine bottle for the Bottles of Hope program. Angela will be contacting the fair authorities to obtain parking passes and tickets for those participating.
**New Business:**

**Guild Hobby Lobby Display:** Sue moved that the group replace the guild display board at the entrance of the Norman Hobby Lobby because it has become badly worn. The group voted to approve an expenditure of about $10.00 to replace it.

Jane brought **magnetic name tag clips** for purchase. They are $1.00 each.
**Treasurer’s Report:** At last count, our balance was $506.46, and Angela said that about $10-12 more had been received since then. We currently have 8 members.
**Meeting Schedule:** Vice President April G. reviewed our program schedule as follows:

**September 12** – “Starry Night” Cane and Weave Cane, with Jane

**October 10** – Mold Making and Nametags, with Angela

**November 14** – Share a Tip Day

**December 12** – Faux Wood with Lee Ann
**Bottles of Hope Report:** Nance announced that the Bottles of Hope which we donated to Norman Hospital in June are on display in their cancer ward.
**Library Report:** Angela reviewed the book we ordered last month, *Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry: Fresh Techniques, Projects, and Inspiration*, by Shirley Rufener She stated that while she appreciated the variety of mixed media techniques introduced, the book itself seemed disjointed and lacking in cohesion.
**Library Book Drawing:** This month, the book *Polymer Clay Color Inspirations: Techniques and Jewelry Projects for Creating Successful Palettes*, by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio.
**Bi-monthly Guild Swap:** This month was swap month, and items were to reflect a nautical or ocean theme. Angela and Nance participated.
**Reminder:** September will be a raffle month. July’s raffle winners were April G., Sue M., and Shirley C., and they will be responsible for bringing items for the next raffle.

July 2009 Meeting Notes

Six members and two guests came to our July meeting. Our two guests had seen our Bottles of Hope at Norman Hospital and wanted to learn how to make them.
We began with **Show and Tell.** **Sue M.** brought some of the lovely work produced by the Full Circle Senior Day Care, where she volunteers. **Nance R.** showed two beautifully done clay-covered pens. She also circulated photos of a wonderful pottery sculpture made by our own **April G**., entitled “Hopi Woman.” The piece has been in an exhibit at a Tulsa gallery and was recently sold. Congratulations, April!
**Program:** We had a good time as April G. taught us two useful techniques: First, we made lamella, a loaf consisting of alternating layers of translucent clay and gold leaf. Slices of it can be used to decorate clay projects. Second, we learned a simple way to make a polymer clay striped slab. April provided excellent written instructions, complete with diagrams. By the end of the meeting, some had already applied their slabs to empty medicine bottles, well on their way to finshing Bottles of Hope! Thank you, April!
**Business Meeting:**
**Old Business**

**2009 State Fair Polymer Clay Competition:** August 15th is the deadline for submitting entry forms. It is now possible to register online:

**State Fair Polymer Clay Demonstration:** Angela received confirmation that our demonstration is scheduled for 2-7 p.m. on Sunday, September 20. All members are asked to check their calendars bacause next month we will need to give the fair officials the exact number of particpants in the demonstration.

Jane reminded us that Angela’s segment on HGTV’s *That’s Clever* is scheduled to air on July 20th.
**New Business:** There was no new business.
Vice President April G. announced the program schedule for upcoming meetings:

**August:** Mica Shift with outside instructor and former member Christy Wright

**September:**Starry Night Cane with Jane L.

**October:** Mold Making & Nametags with Angela M.

**November:** Share a Tip Day

**December:** Faux Wood with Lee Ann K.
**Treasurer:** Our balance is $518.09, and our membership remains at 8.
**Bottles of Hope:** Regarding our donation of bottles to the oncology section at Norman Hospital last month, Coordinator Nance R. reported that they love the bottles. They requested cards with information about Bottles of Hope, and Nance will provide them. Nance also reported that she will be doing a BOH project with the hospital’s cancer support group in September. The support group meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
**Library:** LIbrarian Jane L. pointed out two articles of special interest to our guild in the newest issue of *Polymer Cafe* magazine, one on translucent layering, and one on steampunk. Jane had not seen our newest book purchase, Ancient Modern: *Polymer Clay and Wire Jewelry*, by Ronna Sarvas Weltman, before the meeting, so Shirley C. gave a review and included parts of a review Angela had published on her blog [].
**Drawing for a New Library Book:** *Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry: Fresh Techniques, Projects, and Inspiration*, by Shirley Rufener was the winning title and will be purchased for our library this month.
**Bi-Monthly Raffle:** Items were provided by the winners of May’s raffle. There were three winners this month, Sue M, Shirley C., and a mystery person who shall remain nameless until she comes forward and refreshes the secretary’s memory – at which time her name will be inserted here.
**August Swap:** The theme of our next swap will be “nautical/ ocean.”

June 2009 Meeting Notes

Our June meeting included a special, long-awaited event. The Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild presented a number of **Bottles of Hope** to the cancer care center at **Norman Regional Hospital**. These empty medicine bottles, decorated by our members with original clay designs, will be given to cancer patients at Norman Regional as a message of hope and encouragement. This was the first event toward culmination of a long-term project by guild members. The guild hopes to give away many more of its Bottles of Hope to cancer patients or survivors at other facilities. Pictured at right are, **back row** L-R: Penni Jo Couch; Lee Ann Kelley; Guild Bottles of Hope Coordinator Nance Ross; Eva Dilks, representing Norman Regional Hospital; and Guild President Jane Linn. **Front row:** Sue McCarrell and Guild Treasurer Angela Mabray. For an enlarged view, click on the image.
Seven members attended our meeting, and several brought items for **Show and Tell**.
**Jane L.** showed magnetic nametag backs that eliminate the necessity for clothing-piercing pinbacks. They can be ordered in bulk. **Angela M.** brought two projects she had made trying out Bakeshop Clay, using ideas from *Polymer Clay Mixed Media Jewelry,* by Shirley Ruffner. **Sue M.** brought a stamped pendant painted with metallic paint. **Penni Jo C.** brought projects she will be teaching at Southern Oaks Recreation Center in Oklahoma City in September. She also explained a method of laser image transfer using baking parchment. **Jane L. and Shirley C.** showed finished and partially–finished pieces they had made in the Kathleen Dustin workshop in Albuquerque, from which they had just returned the day before. A third member, April G., was still in Albuquerque, attending a second Dustin workshop. We look forward to seeing her projects.
**Program:** Nance R. led the group in a steampunk project. Nance provided some hardware for the steampunk look, and other members brought their own items. Each member designed a project, with some very creative results.
Right: Steampunk projects by (l-r) Penni Jo C., Lee Ann K., and Angela M.:
**Business Meeting:**
**Old Business:**

**COPCG Banner:** Jane thanked Angela for making a pen and pencil set as a thank you gift for the owner of Fast Signs, the company that made our banner. The group voted to reimburse Angela for expenses incurred.

**2009 State Fair:** Angela reported that the State Fair booklet has listed our new polymer clay category correctly. She brought entry forms and urged members to enter as many items as possible, in order to support the new category. Entrants are permitted one entry per class.
**There was no new business.**
**Program Coordinator:** April G. reviewed our upcoming meeting schedule, as follows:

**July 11**- Flower Canes with April G.

**August 8** – Mica Shift with guest Christy Wright
**Treasurer:** Angela M. reported a balance of $541.44 in our treasury. We currently have 8 members.
**Librarian:** Librarian Jane L. announced the arrival of our latest library purchase, *The New Clay*, by Nan Roche. Penni Jo gave book reports on two books in our library, *Elegant Gifts in Polymer Clay*, by Lisa Pavelka, and *Creative Canes*, by Barbara McGuire. She told us that the latter is crammed with great projects, but that the instructions are not very thorough. Jane conducted our monthly library drawing, and the winner was : *Ancient Modern: Polymer Clay and Wire Jewelry* by Ronna
Sarvas Weltman. This book will be purchased for the guild library this month.
**Tulsa Guild Swap:** The swap with the Tulsa Polymer Clay Guild was completed, as swap items received from that group were distributed to those of our members who had participated.
**July Raffle:** Members who won the raffle in May will bring items for the July raffle. They are: Angela – one, Nance – one, and Lee Ann – two.
**Announcements:** Our own Angela M. was taped for a segment of HGTV’s *That’s Clever* some months ago. The segment may be aired on HGTV on July 20th.

May 2009 Meeting Notes

*Special thanks to April G. for taking notes and writing up these minutes in the absence of the guild secretary.*
Our May meeting was held at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, where we did demonstrations at the Deluxe Craft Fair Bazaar. Members present were Angela, April G., Jane, Lee Ann, Nance, and Penni Jo. Various people attending the craft fair stopped by and chatted. Nance hosted several mini Bottles of Hope demonstrations for people who stopped by. Other members also participated in telling interested people about the merits of polymer clay. Angela’s new little son, Sam, paid the group a visit, and he is getting bigger and handsomer than ever. He was all smiles and quite the cutest thing around.
**Show and Tell:** Angela, April, Lee Ann, Nance and Penni Jo all brought many lovely items to display for the public.
**Old Business:**

**Guild Banner:** The banner was generously supplied to us at half the original cost by the owner of Fast Signs. However, due to communication errors, our web address and the wording, “That’s Polymer Clay?” were left off the banner. The options are to either place the web address on the banner at a later time for no additional cost, or to have Fast Signs create a new banner with our original design concept, at an adfditional half price cost. It was decided to have the company add the web address and not incur any additional costs. Angela will be making a pen and April will be sending a note along with it as a thank you gift from our group to the owner of Fast Signs for his kind discount.

**State Fair Competition and Demonstration:** Angela had no new information to report, but is still in communication with the State Fair staff. The demonstration will be at the state fair grounds during the fair in September.

**Guild Hobby Lobby Display:** Jane presented instructions on how to set up the display case.
**New Business:**

April informed the group of the upcoming **Celebration of Life and Art Exhibit at the Troy and Dollie Smith Cancer Center at Integris Baptist Medical Center on May 15th**. The exhibit is free and open to anyone wishing to express with their art form how their lives have been impacted by some experience with cancer. Entry forms were handed out.

Angela will be attending the **International Polymer Clay retreat** in Chicago July 11-14. The Cost is $275.00 for the 3-day event. Several demonstrations and classes will be offered by well-known polymer clay artists.
**Upcoming Meetings:**

June 13: Steam Punk with Nance

July 11: Flower Canes with April

August 8: Mica Shift with former member and guest artist, Christine Wright

September 12: Starry Night technique with Jane

October 10: Mold Making and Nametags with Angela

November 14: Share-a-Tip Day

December 12: Faux Wood Grain with Lee Ann
**Treasurer’s Report:** We have six members, and our bank balance is $532.76
**Library Report:** *Color Works*, by Deb Menz is the newest addition to our library. It is a great reference book which discusses color in depth.
**Bottles of Hope:** Nance has been having trouble getting a response from the people she has contacted. April spoke with Pat Lynn Moses who is the art therapist for Integris Hospital’s Troy and Dollie Smith Cancer Center. She is interested in having somebody teach a Bottles of Hope class and is a great contact for possibly hosting a BOH event. The information was given to Nance, who will contact Pat Lynn Moses.
**May 30th is our 5th Saturday**, and Jane will ask Hobby Lobby if we can use the facilities.
**Library Drawing:** The title drawn for purchase next month is *The New Clay*, by Nan
**Raffle:** Angela and Lee Ann were the winners of the raffle. In June, we well have a swap. The theme will be “fruit.”

April 2009 Meeting Notes

President Jane Linn led us through a multi-stepped technique for creating faux granite with clay. Choices of colors and additives led each of us to different, but equally convincing results. Thanks to Jane for working very hard to prepare this project! We ran out of time and had to postpone the lesson on the Starry Night effect for a future meeting. There were six members present, and we welcomed three guests.
**Business Meeting:**
**Old Business:**

**Deluxe Craft Fair:** The guild will do a Bottles of Hope demonstration from 1-4 p.m. on May 9, at the state fairgrounds on Oklahoma City. Jane reported that we will have tables, chairs, and electricity available. Since the fair falls on our regular meeting day, we will try to hold our regular business meeting during the demonstration. Jane will notify everyone regarding what building we will be in.

**Display Case at Norman Hobby Lobby:** Since no one volunteered last month to be responsible for an entire year of keeping our guild display updated, we decided to rotate the responsibility among members. Each member signed up to take responsibility for a two-month period. The schedule will be: **May-June 2009, Nance; July-August, April; September-October, Lee Ann; November-December, Jane; January-February 2010, Shirley; March (unfilled); April 2010, Penni Jo**.
**New Business:**
We decided to investigate the cost of having a **sign or banner** made for the guild to display when it does public demonstrations and projects. April G. will check on costs, and Penni Jo will design a banner with our logo. We set a $100 limit for the project and gave Penni Jo full authority to place an order within those guidelines.
**Programs:** April surveyed the group regarding our interests for program topics. Our upcoming meeting schedule will be:

**May 9:** Bottles of Hope Demonstration at the Deluxe Craft Fair

**June 13:** Steampunk with Nance

**July, August, September:** mica shift, mold making for nametags, flower canes (schedule pending)
**Treasurer’s report:** In the absence of our treasurer, Jane reported a balance of $587.38 and a current membership of 8 people.
**Bottles of Hope:** Coordinator Nance R. said our bottles now umber about 70. She has not heard back from Norman Regional Hospital.
**Library Report:** Jane announced last month’s new purchase had arrived: [*Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls*](, by Angie Carr. Also the February choice, *Elegant Gifts in Polymer Clay*, by Lisa Pavelka, had arrived.
**Library Drawing:** We held our library drawing, and the book *[ColorWorks](*, by Deb Menz, will be our next library purchase.
**Bi-Monthly Swap:** Nance, Jane, and Penni Jo all brought items to swap. The next swap will be held in **June**, and the theme will be **Fruit**. At our May meeting, we will have a raffle. As winners of last month’s raffle, Nance and Shirley will bring the items to raffle.
**Show and Tell:** Everyone enjoyed the items brought by Lee Ann, Jane, and Penni Jo.

March 2009 Meeting Notes

We had fun at our March meeting, as member Nance Ross showed us how to make four different styles of bookmarks. The results were creative and varied! To see pictures of some of the completed projects, just click on the link to our Flickr site in the right hand column of your screen.
There were seven members present at the meeting, plus four guests who pariticipated enthusiastically!
**Report of our business meeting:**
**Old Business:**
Jane pointed out that our Hobby Lobby display had not been updated for a long time and asked whether anyone would volunteer to take on this responsibility. No one present volunteered, so anyone who wishes to do this is asked contact Jane.
**New Business**

**Deluxe Craft Fair:**- Angela had new information on the fair, which will be May 9, at the State Fair Grounds, and thought we might wish to reconsider our decision not to participate. She reported that we have been offered a free table for demonstrations. We decided to take advantage of this as a good time to demonstrate making Bottles of Hope. Since the fair falls on our May meeting date, we will count it as our meeting and hold our business meeting, if necessary, via e-mail.

**Oklahoma State Fair:** Angela updated us on her discussions with the staff of the state fair. Our guild will have two 6-foot tables to do a demonstration on Sunday, September 20th, from 2 pm to 7 pm. Angela will need a count of participants at some point, and each participant may demonstrate a technique of his/her choice.
Another exciting development is that we decided to initiate a separate **polymer clay category for the state fair** and sponsor a $25.00 prize for the “Best of Show.” We set up **4 classes** for entries: **1. Sculptured; 2. Jewelry and Accessories; 3. Beads and Buttons; 4. Household and Functional**

**Opportunites for future demos:** – Shirley asked whether the group would like her to list our guild with the Art in Public Spaces Program. The coordinator of the program often receives inquiries regarding groups that will do public demonstrations. The members voted to do this.
**Upcoming Meeting Schedule:**
Vice President April G. led the group in revising our schedule as follows:

**April 11:** – Faux Marble Stones with Jane and Flower Petal Cane with April

**May 9:** – Meeting and demo of Bottles of Hope at Deluxe Craft Fair

**June 13:** – Inclusions in Clay with Nance

**July 11:** – Mica Shift (presenter not decided)
**Treasurer’s Report:** Angela reported expenses of $89.88 for our library, leaving a balance of $579.59. Currently, we have 8 members.
**Bottles of Hope:** Coordinator Nance said arrangements are being made to do an event at Norman Regional Hospital, date to be decided. The involved staff seems very supportive and has urged us to put messages in the bottles. Nance mentioned other possible partnership ideas she wants to pursue with the hospital.
**Librarian’s Report:** Jane gave glowing reviews of our two purchases for last month and also the newest issue of Polymer Cafe. Angela pointed out a useful tip in the magazine for maximizing oven space for group projects, suggesting we might want to adopt it for our meetings.
**March Library Drawing:** The book *Making Mini Foods and Market Stalls*, by Angie Scarr was selected for purchase this month.
**March Raffle:** Four raffle categories were brought for our bi-monthly raffle. Winners were particularly lucky this time: Nance (two items) and Shirley (two items). Nance and Shirley will bring raffle items for the May raffle. **April** will be a **swap month**, and the **theme is “blue.”** That should get creative imaginations flowing!
**Show and Tell:** Everyone admired the beautiful items brought by Lee Ann, Jane, and Nance.