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COPCG Annual Dues


Dues are prorated for your first year according to the month you join. Example: If you join in June, you would only be paying $14 for the balance of the year. Full dues schedule is available here.

Please enter the month as the coupon code in the cart to receive the prorated price for that month. In the above example, you would enter JUNE as the coupon code.

Note that dues for the following years are the full $24, payable in January.


Enjoy the benefits of being a member!

  • Opportunity to check out books, DVDs or molds for a month’s time from our extensive guild library
  • Immense learning opportunities through our monthly programs and through contact with our always helpful and sharing members
  • Opportunity to show your work in guild displays/shows and to participate in public demonstrations
For information on family discounts or memberships for “junior members” please contact our treasurer. More info here.

More information is available on our Membership page.